Have you ever had a day, or even just a moment, when you just knew everything from this point on was going to change? Maybe it was something drastic and maybe it was something seemingly small.

I had a moment like that. As a memory keeper at heart, having been immersed in photography and scrapbooking for two decades, my focus has been on telling my stories.

About a year ago, though, as I looked around the crazy and beautiful life I lead, I had an epiphany. This is the question that made me pause and realize this was a pivot point in my life.

This was the question: Are you telling the story you want to live or are you living the story you want to tell?

I had to admit. Life had become so hectic that more and more, I was simply telling the stories I wanted to live. I wasn’t though, living those stories. Most of them became nothing more than fables and nostalgia. I knew things had to change.

Here I am, a year later, and I am convinced more than ever that I want to LIVE the story. And I want to help others with that same desire.

THE FAMILY STORYTELLER is a story springing from my heart as a Christ-follower, a mother (to six!), a photographer, a memory keeper, and a memory maker.

Early 2018 will bring new things and I invite you to join me. True to who I am, TFS will be a little eclectic (any of you remember “alittleclectic” was my first ever screen name?)

I can’t wait to share the details with you! Let’s do this together!


A SMALL BUT HAPPY WELCOME (click here for a peek inside)