Yep, that’s right. We’re offering an ALL-ACCESS PASS to the shop!

Why would we do that? Well, because we care about missions, we care about Bible translation, and we want to be able to work smarter and harder. We have many plans for making this site to be a thriving ministry, and this kick-start will help us get things moving!

This all-access pass is good for six months and will allow you access to EVERYTHING** in the store, both today and whatever comes in over the next six months.

And what do we have coming? A LOT!

More scripture prints, more memory keeping products, more homeschool helps, more family-focused activities, and more Bible study resources. PLUS! We’ve got some mini-classes on the horizon…such as managing your memories, where we’ll show you how to tackle the job of caring for and doing something with your memories, both digital and print!

Currently there is over $500 worth of products, with thousands more in the coming months!

And REMEMBER…25% of your purchase goes directly to Bible translation!

Please do not use any other coupon or discount with this order. If you do, your transaction will be cancelled and your money will be returned. Thank you for understanding. ** FOR JULY 3rd ONLY, we will allow the coupon code to be used!

**This all access pass will allow you access to all of our DIGITAL products free of charge. If and when we offer tangible goods, you will receive a discount, but not all access. This, of course, is due to manufacturing costs.

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