Raising children who have character is far more important than raising star athletes or accomplished musicians. Without character, their futures are doomed. Character counts!

As parents, we seem to know this, but figuring out how to teach and guide our children in can be difficult. However, the time and effort is well worth it when you see that you have kids of character.

This set was created with much love — it was first created for my family! There are 52 character qualities that I want to see my children (and myself!) grow in. I have included the definitions we choose to use in our home. When I throw around big words like “diligent” and “resourceful",” I want my kids to know what I mean by that.

This set includes {52} 9x3.5 character quality cards (to print 2 to a page) and {52} worksheets that include a definition and space to work out what it means in your family. Ideas for use are included.

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